A complete selection of all of the referral letters that Rich Estes, the Harvard Guy, has received in more than 20 years of applying his New Home Builder marketing, would fill volumes.  Here are a few recent letters that you may find interesting.

Client enthusiasm leads to referral letters.  These letters are unsolicited, and very much appreciated.  Client gratitude is one of the things that motivates Rich to continue upholding a level of hard work and professional marketing that is extremely rare in the residential resale industry.  Click for full size letter.

One excited client wrote:  "The 'TOUGH' part of using a staging broker as opposed to a normal broker is the acceptance of the concept that we are selling property, not selling our 'home'.  The aspects of our 'home' that we found so dear to our heart are not necessarily the attributes that will attract a qualified buyer."

Another client wrote:  "After six months and very little activity you sold our home in 28 days.  Your knowledge of 'What sells' and 'Why' is great."

And another:  "You were truly a joy to work with and your marketing strategy of 'staging' made believers out of us.  Throughout the entire process you certainly demonstrated in our minds a true commitment to excellence in service."