In the following MLS case study (this is the same property as in the staging case study) the sellers at 41 La Sordina listed with the agent who had sold them the home 10 years before - they trusted that realtor and had a long-term friendship spanning many years.  Additionally, they were aware that, with a masters degree and over two decades of real estate sales experience resulting in a long list of satisfied clients, plus every top award offered by her national company, she is generally considered by her peers, including Rich Estes, to be one of the most outstanding individuals in the business.  (This introduction continues further down on this page - click each image to view it full size.)

However, after 5 months of marketing, with no offers, having dropped the price from $875,000 to $839,000, the sellers were discouraged.  And they were quite concerned to realize that the real estate market was slowing down.  They hired Rich Estes.  He helped them properly prepare the home - then they re-entered the market, this time with the power of Harvard Guy Marketing working for them.  Two offers came in during the first week.  Their house sold at $875,000, after 12 days on the market.  

Harvard Guy Marketing produces superior results like these, time and time again, no matter whether the market is fast or slow.  We are excited to invite you to click on the images above - we think that you will be very intigued by the possibilities, and by the subtleties, of Harvard Guy Marketing within the Multiple Listing Service.

To the sellers and to the vast majority of agents who believe "Just put it into the computer - it will sell" we cannot over-emphasize how important it is to really know how to use the Multiple Listing Service correctly.  The MLS is your way to reach hundreds of top agents who are working with thousands of buyers, some of whom will be perfect for your home.