What does "aggressive marketing"  mean in terms of selling your home?

Aggressive marketing occurs behind the scenes.  Aggressive marketing doesn't mean we can run out and grab the buyer, or the buyer's agent, and say "This is the home you want!"  Aggressive marketing requires tremendous knowledge and an understanding of the subtleties of buyer psychology.  It also requires the willingness to invest the time and energy in order to positively influence buyers.

How do we do this?  Well, one thing is certain, it isn't simple, and it isn't easy.  It takes a great deal of skill, finesse, and just plain hard work to sell a home at top price, in today's market.  It takes the professionalism of the New Home Builders.

You have many different realtors and real estate companies to choose from.  Every one sounds good.  Is any company better than any other company?  Is any realtor better than any other realtor?  If so, what is it that makes that realtor better?  Who has the most aggressive marketing?

Here at Harvard Guy, we believe you will be more easily able to answer those questions if you focus on the following points:  Which realtor truly is a marketing expert, not necessarily an expert in marketing his name in your neighborhood, which many realtors are very good at, but an expert in marketing a product like your house?  Which realtor has a Harvard MBA in Marketing?  Which realtor has been able to accomplish higher prices, quicker sales, and multiple offers, in some of the toughest markets ever experienced in Southern California, such as the housing market of the early 1990's, or the current tough market that started in 2006?  

New Home Builder marketing is 10 times more powerful than realtor marketing. 

Here at the Harvard Guy organization, our mission is to bring the spectacular power of New Home Builder marketing to the sale of your home.

Many home sellers, interestingly enough, feel that marketing has nothing to do with selling homes.  "Just put it into the MLS computer, that's all you have to do, and someone will come and buy it."  Many people know better, especially after watching their home sit on the market for months at a time, with their agent repeatedly asking them to lower their price!

Many home sellers feel that the local neighborhood agent is the best choice. "Obviously they know my home better than anybody else - they've been coming around here for years!"  Again, in many cases, the home sits on the market for months at a time.  "I can't understand it!  They sold all those other homes but all of a sudden they can't sell mine!  Maybe I'm jinxed!"

Here at Harvard Guy, we feel that a good part of what makes us better, is that we understand that the secret of marketing excellence is to know how to optimally use the tools available to us as realtors.  The most important tool is the Multiple Listing Service itself.  This tool, like any tool, can be used with skill, or it can be misused through lack of skill.  Most agents do not know how to communicate effectively through the MLS.  They don't understand what a powerful advertising medium it is.

A seller asked me, "My contract is coming up for expiration again.  But why should I change agents?  My realtor is holding open houses every weekend, and even during the week.  He's got a CD about the home that buyers can take with them, and he's affiliated with a giant company.  I just don't see how you could beat that."  While I listened, I pulled up the MLS printout.  I said, "I notice that it says here, 'Home security system with main panel switch' within the property description."  He said, "What's your point?"  I said, "My point is that I doubt that  particular phrase helps you get a potential buyer excited about wanting to come see your home.  My point is that the New Home Builders would never include that type of language in their advertising materials.  My point is that, no matter how hard your agent is working, and no matter how sincere your agent is about wanting to sell your home, you are not benefiting from the highest level of professional marketing available in the industry today."

Another extremely important tool is the communication with the agents and buyers who visit your home.  This communication goes way beyond the color brochure or even the CD that they can take with them when they leave.  Have you ever seriously thought about the SHOPPING EXPERIENCE that your home provides for agents and buyers?  Has your home been professionally staged for marketing?  Don't confuse staging with interior decorating; even many realtors who claim to know how to stage don't realize that home staging and interior decorating are two different things.  Also, don't be confused on thinking that home staging involves bringing in truckloads of model home furniture.

A final note on this discussion of realtor tools:  One aspect of home staging involves a very powerful tool that builders use, known as feature cards, which you might have seen as you toured the models in a new housing tract.  Briefly, feature cards grab the buyers' attention.  Additionally, they provide all the necessary information buyers need in order to feel comfortable about making an offer.  Furthermore, the act of preparing the cards helps your listing agent develop the exciting, descriptive language which is an integral part of an effective, aggressive marketing program.

Forget everything you have ever heard about Open Houses, Mega-Huge Companies, Fantastic Sales Volumes, Limitless Virtual Tours, Nationwide Advertising, or boiler-room telemarketing operations placing thousands of outbound calls monthly.  These kinds of techniques may have nothing to do with providing you with the highest-quality marketing for the sale of your one and only home.

My name is Rich Estes but my clients usually just call me the "Harvard Guy."  Please contact me either by phone, or through the red e-mail CONTACT link, for a friendly, no-obligation, eye-opening presentation.

    Very truly yours,
    Rich Estes